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Score Pod -

Professional Scoring System for MilesTag Commercial Laser Tag Systems

Full Scores, Stats, Rankings

View / Print Individual and Team Score Sheets


Target System -

Miles Tag Commercial Laser Tag Systems

 Captures Reaction Time and Displays on Front panel.

Complete with IR Remote.


Score Pod LT -

Professional Scoring System for MilesTag  Laser Tag Systems

Score for 8 players



CommandIR -

IR control module for MilesTag  Laser Tag Systems

Change settings faster and from one place



Atom / Zombie Board -

IR module for MilesTag  Laser Tag Systems

Small package with a big punch, turn normal people into Zombies.


Grenade -

Assembled and testedAtlas IR laser tag Grenade. Fully pre-programmed with built-in Sensor for Mini Remote.


Proximity Bomb -

IR control module for MilesTag  Laser Tag Systems

This proximity bomb reaches out 50 inches and if you step in its range then your either dead or well on your way.



Game Box V4 Module -

Assembled and tested Game Box V4 electronic module. Fully programmable for Medic, Ammo or Flag "pickup" functions, Respawn, Team Respawn, Hazard, etc. See user manual for full details. Includes programmed PIC16F684 microcontroller.  Does not include button, battery holder or wires. Made in USA.


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