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This is the Atom Board!


The Atom Module is a versatile user-configurable module that can interact with MilesTag-basedLasertag systems.  It can be part of a player-worn harness, or mounted to walls, cielings or other fixed objects.  It is essentially a complete, self-contained Laser-Tag-System-in-a-Dome with built-in wide-angle IR emitter, IR receiver, red and blue LEDs.  The Atom also provides connectionsforan optional external sensor harness, 4-digit LED Display, Piezo sounder, logic output, etc.

This is the Zombie Harness.


In the Zombie application, the Atom is used as the front-facing dome on a headband.  The rear dome is a standard sensor wired to the Atom’s external sensor connector.  A piezo sounder provides indication of hits and a long tone indicates tag out.  A small battery pack can be stored in the player’s pocked or a belt pouch.  The Atom will continuously transmit a damage signal, so “Human” players will want to keep a safe distance from the Zombies, or tag them out before they can get too close.

“Zombie Harness” Head Band

*** Atom Board Manual ***

This Page is for the Atom Board Only

The Zombie Harness Can be purchased at

The Atom Board can be programed using the CommandIR Only at this time using the Zombie Code installed.

if you want to program the board yourself you purchase the Atom board and have a blast figuring out uses for this device.

Here is the datasheet on the CommandIR.


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